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This melancholy task is best left to a professional.  Often public agencies are overburdened in protecting city officials or dispersing their rioting constituents.  
We have resolved many such cases and also have resources to clean up death scenes, after the appropriate authorities are notified, of course. 

Conflicts of Interest

GDS has picked apart hidden relationships between judges and opposing counsel/parties. GDS has proven concealed interests in business, intellectual property, political campaigns and government contracting. Most of our clients are law firms, institutions, trusts and government agencies.

Threats, Stalkers & Unsubs 

UNSUB is defined in the lexicon of intelligence agencies as an Unknown Subject. GDS has handled a number of cases of parties using the anonymity of the internet to stalk, harass, intimidate and extort. GDS has decades of experience, access to useful data, and all legal technical means to identify and analyze the threat posed by such a person(s).

Asset Investigations

GDS has conducted in depth, long range asset investigations for the US Bankruptcy Trustee, resulting not just in the recovery of absconded funds, but also criminal prosecution of litigants. Whether its a shallow look to test the wisdom of a lawsuit, or enforcing a judgment, GDS can find bank accounts, brokerage accounts, life insurance, aircraft, real estate, watercraft, intellectual property and business interests within and without the United States.

Missing Persons

Sometimes these are matter of great urgency, whether due to the vulnerability of the party in question or other concerns.  More often these cases come down to just losing track of someone, over time or geography. In either instance, GDS has the experience and resources to locate missing persons locally, nationally or internationally. other services

Service of Process

Difficult Service of Process- GDS has handled onerous, complicated service issues for 27 years.  We have successfully made service on organized crime figures, politicians, celebrities and business people being protected security teams. We are always standing by to tailor an approach to achieve an effective result.


This is often a tool of last resort, as it is expensive in terms of hours on the street.  Our operatives and staff have thousands of hours conducting surveillance afoot, by vehicle, aircraft, and other legal means, within the US, as well as foreign soil.  Cases have been made on as few as 10 seconds of video footage, and we have the expertise and resources to make cases for any client who engages GDS.


Homicides, and other attacks on people. GDS has successfully closed homicide cases that public law enforcement has given up on, whether due to disinterest, mistaken identity, corruption or other misconduct by officers in the US, as well as other nations.

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